Spartan Kettlebells Malta is located in Spinola Bay, St Julians.

We are the only gym in Malta that specializes in kettlebell training. We also focus on weight lifting of different kinds, and functional training in general. We offer more than 30 classes a week, ranging from pure kettlebell training and power lifting to pre- and post natal training and stretching.

Our premises – a nice, big garage of close to 200 sqm, is perfect for the type of training we do. There are no machines or treadmills at Spartan, only hard core equipment for functional training, such as kettlebells, barbells, pull-up bars and medicine balls.

We encourage training for health and general fitness as well as sense of accomplishment and performance, instead of appearance based goals and weight loss only.

We believe that everyone can, and should, train, regardless of background, age and fitness level, and we welcome anyone who wants to to come and try our classes, and hopefully you will love it as much as we do.

We take a lot of pride in the friendly and familiar atmosphere we have at Spartan, and we believe this is one of the most important things to stay motivated and want to come back and train every week! We think that the personal touch in knowing your name and where you are from, the coffee together after a workout, and the social part of Spartan is just as important as the actual training.


Spartan is run by Swedish sisters Maja and Linnea Vähä. Together with their strong, international team of instructors they are pushing the fitness revolution in Malta, and delivering fun and functional training for everyone in a professional and friendly way.

We live and breathe functional training, and we love our kettlebells.  All trainers working at Spartan are certified in one or more types of kettlebell training, and various other things as well such as Olympic lifting, personal training and nutrition. For us it is very important that all instructors are qualified in what they do, passionate and that they keep educating themselves too.


  • Maja Vähä
    Maja VähäFounder and Head coach

    From: Umeå, Sweden
    Classes: KB MIX, KB CLASSIC, Chipper, Weight Lifting, Spartan FLOW

    What to expect from a class with Maja: Weights, weights weights. Heavy strength sets, new skills and challenging exercises mixed with simple basics in tough formats.

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    • Linnea Vähä
      Linnea VähäCo-owner and Senior Instructor

      From: Umeå, Sweden
      Classes: KB MIX, KB CLASSIC, BW Mix, Chipper, Weight Lifting

      What to expect from a class with Linnea: Lots of reps, and lots of exercises. She loves her Chippers and lunges, but also some good old KB work and plyometrics.

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      • Ricarda Ritterbach
        Ricarda RitterbachSpartan Senior Instructor

        From: Germany
        Classes: BW MIX, KB MIX, Stretching and Flexibility, Spartan FLOW, KB Classic and Weight lifting.

        What to expect from a class with Ricarda: Reflecting her own strengths – gymnastic skills and heavy kettlebells and other weights, this is what you will find in her classes. A lot of timer based work outs, always with a well thought out mix of exercises.

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        • Katerina Pahud De Mortanges
          Katerina Pahud De MortangesSpartan Senior Instructor

          From: Czech Republic
          Classes: KB Mix, KB Classic, Chipper, Weight lifting

          What to expect from a class with Kate: Innovative kettlebell and clubbell workouts in classic formats. Always with new exercises up her sleeve to try on whoever comes to her classes!

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          • Marte Palleschitz
            Marte PalleschitzSpartan Instructor

            From: Oslo, Norway
            Classes: Mini Spartan, Spartan FLOW, KB MIX and Chipper

            What to expect from a class with Marte: Classic KB work, burpees, med balls, different types of complexes and a lot of laughter.

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            • Tom Smelt
              Tom SmeltSpartan Instructor

              From: London, UK

              Classes: KB Classic, KB Mix, Chipper

              What to expect from a class with Tom: Long, crazy workouts with the basic movements and well chosen music.

              • Fabiana Bermudez Belisario
                Fabiana Bermudez BelisarioSpartan Instructor

                From: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

                What to expect from a class with Fabi: Lots of core work and lots of weights. Always finding and trying new, fun and tricky exercises for her classes.

                • Matthew Muscat
                  Matthew MuscatSpartan Instructor

                  From: Swieqi, Malta

                  What to expect from a class with Matthew: Well planned workouts with basic exercises mixed up with new and challenging stuff. Loves his kettlebells and clubbells.

                  The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent. The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.

                  – ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER


                  We offer a variety of different classes at Spartan, all of which fall under the concept of functional training, meaning that you don’t target certain muscle groups or try to sculpt the body, but that we train as many and as big muscle groups as possible, and we do compound movements and exercises that we believe are handy to be able to in real life.

                  We also believe in variation and to surprise the body constantly, therefor the classes are always different, either in workout format or exercises, and you will rarely do the same workout twice.

                  All classes will however give you a full body workout, and will challenge you strength-, cardio- or mobility wise.

                  WHAT CLASS SHOULD I CHOOSE?

                  If you are a complete beginner and/or new to this type of training, we recommend that you try the KB Classic classes. In these classes you will get to focus a lot of kettlebell technique and learn the fundamental exercises that you will come across in a lot of the other classes too.

                  However,  if you can’t make it to those classes, do know that ALL of our classes are planned to be scalable and to suit any level, and ALL our instructors are very good at modifying the workouts to suit everyone. This means that you can come to any class that suits you time wise and that you are interest in, but make sure to book so that we know that you are coming, and can plan accordingly.

                  HOW DO I BOOK A CLASS?

                  We us a booking system called Glofox. You can either download and register through the app (Glofox) or use the web version that you can access here.

                  Classes can be booked a week in advance. If a class is full, you can choose to be placed on the waiting list. First come first served, in case if cancellations. Please do book, or if you can’t book – send us a message. It helps us a lot in planning the best possible classes.


                  PERSONAL TRAINING

                  At Spartan we have two qualified personal trainers at the moment, Maja & Linnea. They can offer personal training sessions and nutrition advice tailored to your needs and goals.

                  Before you start your PT sessions, we will do a consultation. That means we sit down and talk a bit about your current life style, discuss what you want to achieve, and plan out how we are going to do that.

                  Personal training sessions are ideal if you want to get started with your training and get motivated by a professional who can design a training program especially for you. Whether you goal is to tone up, lose weight, get stronger, faster, more flexible or better at something specific, we can help you!

                  We specialize in functional training, kettlebells, low carb nutrition, pre and post natal training and weight lifting.

                  PT sessions are €25/session, and we also have packages available. One session is between 45-60 mins.

                  We can also offer private group sessions for the same price.




                  The first class/visit is always free, so that you can come and try it out and see if Spartan is something for you. After that, you can either chose to pay per class, get a class pass with 10 or 20 classes, or go for a membership that allows for unlimited training.

                  Full membership means that you can train all the classes you want, as well as come and train on your own whenever you want.

                  Payment methods: Cash, card, Revolut, cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. Contact us for details or ask at the gym, if you’re paying with anything else than cash.

                  TIME TABLE

                  +356 9953 8544

                   info@spartankettlebellsmalta.com  Garage no 12, Upon Vale, Triq il-Forrest, St Giljan

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