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Spartan Kettlebells was founded in August 2013 by Maja Vähä.

Maja, born and raised in the north of Sweden, with a vast training background in various sports, from football and ice hockey to boxing, dancing and cross country skiing, had always had a great interest for training and fitness and one of her dreams was always to become a group training instructor and to work with fitness in some way. But with a career in gaming and many other interests in parallel to this, she didn’t get around to actually to it until her mid-twenties.


In 2011, Maja took the first step towards a career in fitness, with a course in anatomy and physiology in Sweden. This was quickly followed by an extensive fitness instructor course with specialization in exercise to music here in Malta which enabled her to start working as an instructor in various gyms.


‘I loved giving choreography classes, it’s really fun, but I always felt that the actual training result for the participants was not great. I saw people coming to the gym and ‘doing their time’ without ever getting any real results or getting better at what they did.

I got into crossfit and functional training and identified more with the concept of training for life than for the beach or for a wedding or something else short term. To get stronger and better and to be able to do everyday movements instead of spending hours on a treadmill believing it will make you lose weight etc, and not really enjoying the time you put in.

The more I learnt about modern training methods and nutrition, the more I wanted to provide a training concept that was effective and fun, AND gave results fast! And to get people to understand that there are no short cuts to being healthy and fit, you simply have to do the work and eat natural, healthy food!

From there I took a course in hard style kettlebell training and I got hooked, and I’ve taken many more since. ‘


Maja started giving kettlebell classes in a studio in Sliema that she rented, and on the beaches around Sliema and St Julians. It soon became very popular and she held numerous classes a week to meet the demand.



Maja’s sister Linnea had been her guinea pig since day one and saw some great results happening quite fast. She quickly got hooked on kettlebell training as well. She joined for pretty much every class on the beach and in the studio, loved it and soon felt that she wanted to become an instructor as well.

So during the summer of 2013, Linnea attended two different kettlebell instructor courses and started holding a couple of classes a week in the studio.


‘After some time in studio and doing classes outdoors, I really felt that I wanted to have my own place, where we could have as many classes as we wanted, and where Linnea could also hold more classes, but also other activities such as nutrition courses and competitions etc. So I started looking for a place to rent.

Soon I found the first Spartan garage, in Balluta Bay, St Julians. Up until here all activities had been under the name Maja Of Sweden – Kettlebell Training.

After a lot of painting, cleaning and drilling with my fiancée and rock Richard as well as Linnea, we were very proud to open up Spartan Kettlebells on the 8th of August 2013!’




With our very own gym, we had a lot more opportunities and we expanded into doing more crossfit style classes as well as weight lifting and gymnastic style classes, and recruited more instructors as well.

We have had countless great training sessions, coffee breaks, competitions and other events in what we can call Spartan 1.0 in Balluta Bay. Many new Spartans came along, new gym dogs were introduced and many personal records were broken.





But we grew out of the premises the next summer, and had to start looking for Spartan 2.0. After quite a lot of searching we found our current premises in Spinola Bay, St Julians. Bigger, better and fresher, and with more possibilities!

Again, we had to renovate and paint, but this time, we had our lovely members to help out! So over a few months, we did up yet another garage, and this time it truly looked awesome!

With the re-launch and new opening of Spartan Kettlebells, Maja and Linnea also formed the company Spartan Fitness, under which the gym now is run.





Let’s see what the future has in store for us. At the moment, we are very happy where we are, with the gym we have, and more than anything the members that we with us!